Navigating the New Microsoft Partner Agreement

Let’s clear up the confusion.


Microsoft recently informed all Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners and resellers of the non-renewal of their CSP Agreement, effective August 31, 2019. All CSP partners are now required to accept the new Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) that was made available on September 1, 2019. This change is connected to Microsoft’s push to establish a unified agreement that can be applied to all Microsoft partners.

What to Expect

  • Making the switch: Microsoft effectively cancelled all current Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreements (CRA) on August 31, 2019. The new Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) became available for acceptance in the Microsoft Partner Center the following day. 
  • Act now: Partners are urged to execute the MPA as soon as possible. 
  • Business as usual: Although Microsoft terminated all existing CRAs on August 31, 2019, partners will be able to transact as normal within the CSP Program until January 31, 2020 without accepting the new MPA, per the transaction terms stated in the Notice of Non-Renewal. 
  • Don’t get left behind: Those that have not accepted the MPA by January 31, 2020 will be limited to the management and servicing of existing customers and subscriptions until August 31, 2020.

Key Dates

July 31, 2019

MPA available for partner preview in the Partner Center.

August 31, 2019

All versions of the Microsoft Cloud Reseller agreement expire.

September 1, 2019

MPA available for acceptance in the Partner Center.

January 31, 2020

All partners must accept the MPA to continue transacting in the CSP program.

The Official Terms of the MPA

Provided by Microsoft:

The Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) is a modular, perpetual agreement that delivers the most relevant terms and conditions based on partner type and offers they are qualified to sell. The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program will be the first partner channel to use the new agreement; in the long term it will apply to all partner channels and offers.

It is imperative for Microsoft to digitally transform to better support customer needs, grow business and compete in a cloud-first world. Part of this digital transformation requires upgrading partner agreements to align with this reality.

The goals are to make the contracting experience easier and to continue meeting regulatory obligations and our partners’ expectations of trust. To achieve these goals, the Microsoft Partner Agreement provides a simpler process to accept and manage agreements and incorporates terms that support our commitment to privacy, security, compliance, and transparency.

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